It’s a Rough Day

It’s a Rough Day

Today I feel hopeless. Over the last 36 (ish) hours, Lyra has had more and more trouble with feedings, despite the NG tube. In fact, she has totally thrown up the last two feedings. One happened in the middle of the NG feeding and the other happened just after the feeding finished. My husband and I feel defeated and frustrated. We are doing everything right, and getting nutrients into our baby girl continues to be so challenging. If I had the energy, I would cry. It’s just about time for another feeding and we don’t know what the game plan is. Are we going to try to feed her yet again just like we have been? It doesn’t seem logical. Obviously, what we are doing isn’t working. At least if she becomes dehydrated, we are already in the hospital.

The doctors think this complication has to do with her reflux. We are caught in this spiral where her reflux makes her laryngomalacia worse, which makes her reflux worse. She obviously doesn’t feel well, but she also acts like she is hungry. It’s heartbreaking to watch feedings start with her bright-eyed and eager, only to watch the feeding deteriorate to her obviously being in pain, and ending with her throwing up. The doctors seem to have some possible solutions, but there is no simple answer. It’s not an algebra equation where we plug-in “x” to get result “y”.

Right now, I am just exhausted in all possible ways. I spent the night here last night and barely slept. Although I have tried to take naps, there just never seems to by time for me to really sleep. I would go home, but she is being evaluated by a surgical team tomorrow morning, likely before 7am. I am scared I am going to be miss them if I go home to sleep. I try to be here for every evaluation by doctors and every shift change.

Hopefully tomorrow we get a solid road map for how to deal with the laryngomalacia.

Hopefully soon she will keep a full feed down.

Hopefully Mommy and Daddy with get some sleep.


One thought on “It’s a Rough Day

  1. My heart goes out to you & Mark, and most importantly Lyra. Thank you thank you so much for reaching out through your blog. We think of you constantly thought the day, sending you our love and positive thoughts toward supporting Lyra through this struggle. This whole process appears to be trial and error. I’ve always been a grazer, maybe less quality, more frequently. Now that I’ve said that I feel stupid. I’m sure the situation is much more complicated, but I know I have always been a different eater, maybe the same for Lyra. Keep commicating what you observe and ideas you have to the staff. As her parents, you & Mark are most invested in Lyra’s wellbeing, trumping all medical science. Sending all our love. You and Lyra will find a way through through this, although it is taking so much longer than seems fair to anyone, mostly Lyra. Love all 3 of you so much. Lilly, Stan, Sarah & George


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