My Sister’s Wedding

My Sister’s Wedding

Sometimes I forget that the world keeps moving outside of the bubble I have been in. In fact, today is my sister’s wedding. She has had her own trials in life, and today she is marrying a wonderful man. Jason not only loves her deeply, he treats her children like they are his own and obviously cares for the rest of us. As an extra bonus, he has two beautiful little girls to add to the mix. We really are a “more the merrier” kind of family and we are so happy to have them officially join our crazy group.

Unfortunately, the wedding is in Hawaii and we can’t be there. In honor of the wedding (at least in my mind), Lyra is making major progress today! She is totally off oxygen and doing great with her oral feeds (aka drinking from a bottle).

Tonight, I have two things to celebrate. My baby is getting better, and we will be joining my family via FaceTime for my wonderful sister’s wedding. I am even dressing my little one in the dress she was going to wear if we had been able to go (pictures to follow tomorrow). I feel very blessed today.

3 thoughts on “My Sister’s Wedding

  1. I’m so happy that Lyra is doing better and you’ve had a good day. Can’t wait to see pictures of the wedding. I know how hard it is for you to miss it but glad you can be part of the special event through FaceTime. Love to you all, Sally


  2. Beautifully stated Jaime. Now you have officially made your aunt cry (tears of joy) before the wedding!!!
    Much Love to you, Mark and Lyra


  3. Awe! I didn’t see this until now. Thank you James! I loved having you “there” on Facetime and when we ALL get to Ko Olina together we will have a nice dinner at Roy’s at sunset and toast the ever growing family. Love you!


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