Sitting Vigil

Sitting Vigil

As I sit and watch my baby sleep I take comfort in her soft rhythmic breathing

I tell myself that I am sitting here because it is her first Colorado thunderstorm

What if she is scared of the sudden flash of light, or is startled by the shaking BOOM of thunder?

But to be honest, I am here to calm my own anxiety, not hers

Hearing her breath so calmly slows my own racing heart

Everytime she makes a little sound in her sleep, I hold my breath…hoping that I have not woken her from her slumber

Sometimes, even my husband joins me. We sit, each doing our own thing

Taking comfort in her peace

I know that I will not be able to do this forever

It will be creepy if I do this when she is 16

Even though she will still be my baby

But for now she is a baby, and I will sit and keep vigil

And pretend it is to comfort her


Lyra and her cousin, Sofia, having some Halloween fun

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