When Mommy Can’t Make it Better

When Mommy Can’t Make it Better

When Mommy can’t make it better, she cries

You might not see it, but she does

Sometimes there is nothing she can do

She can’t change your DNA or how you grew in her belly

She can’t get the IV for you

She spends hours agonizing how to feed you…. but you can’t keep it down

And it breaks Mommy’s heart that she can’t make it better

Mommy can’t sit under the scary machine

Mommy can’t go under the surgeon’s knife

Mommy can’t fix your brain, heart, kidneys, liver, or eyes

Mommy can’t eat for you

Mommy can’t help your body move the way you want it to

Mommy can’t make it better… and when Mommy can’t make it better she cries…

And then Mommy gets up

Mommy can’t make it better, but she can hold your tiny hand while they place the IV

Mommy can keep trying differnt ways to feed you

Mommy can sing to you under the scary machine

Mommy can hold you when you hurt and rock you when you cry

She can fight for you

Mommy can find ways to help you move

When Mommy can’t make it better…

It’s hard for Mommy…

But Mommy will always be there

You will never do this alone… and neither will Mommy



2 thoughts on “When Mommy Can’t Make it Better

  1. Beautiful. She feels your hand, she hears your songs, she cries with you and for you, and loves you so much. Her smiles say it all.


  2. You are the strongest woman I know . You and Mark alone have chased away the demons that Lyra faces . With kind words , a reasuring squeeze, a hug, a tear, a whispered I Love You. She understands them all . God made Lyra the way she was supposed to be . Not perfect , but perfect . She has touched so many, brought awareness to so much , and continues to fight , just like her momma.
    I’m sorry you cry. I’m sorry that you feel you can’t “fix” everything for her , but know you are . With every word , with every failure and with every success , it’s one step closer . Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow , but maybe the day after something will change for the better . Lyra will get stronger , momma will get stronger , and together you will continue to fight .. One day at a time . You guys are never alone, there is always a higher power watching , giving you both strength . We love you , and can’t wait to meet Lyra one day 🙂 Hang in there momma, Lyra is strong .


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