1 year and many adventures

1 year and many adventures

Lyra turned 1 year old 4 days ago. I wanted to write some inspired post about the bad, the ugly, but most importantly, the good. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling very inspired. Things were stressful and Lyra wasn’t doing so hot. To put it bluntly, she needed to poop and couldn’t. We ended up taking her to the local branch of our children’s hospital thinking it would a quick fix…. But things never go as planned with Lyra. After a night in the emergency department we ended up inpatient at the main hospital… 

The day after her birthday. 

At this point I wanted to write something witty about basically spending her birthday in the hospital, but she nose dived and I didn’t have “witty” in me. By the third morning I was mostly just feeling desperate as Lyra was not getting better. At this stage they were talking about placing an NJ tube to try to get meds to stay in her and attack the problem from the top and bottom. She was in pain and miserable and I was one sad mama.

Then, as quickly as she went down hill, she bounced back! All of the sudden she wanted sips of water. We tried putting pedialyte through G tube, negating the need for the NJ (yay!!!). She started playing, chatting, and pooping without vomitting!!! Yesterday she played all day and had no interest in napping.

So, we celebrated her birthday. Was it idea to do it in the hospital cafeteria? No. But my family has a different perspective on “ideal” when it comes to Lyra. “Ideal” for us is that she is happy and here. And really, that is what we were celebrating. 

My mom cooked a great dinner, the fam loaded up a few cars (there were 9 people) and made the trek down to Children’s. My husband’s parents were in town too, making the total number around the table 14. Lyra wore her birthday dress, hat and bib (even though she really couldn’t eat), and we all just celebrated her being here with us. She even had a little taste of frosting. 

So here’s to my little fighter who is always keeping things interesting 

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