Yet another year

Yet another year

Last week something happened for the first time: A doctor spoke about Lyra as an adult. Given, what he said was, “Even as adult, I don’t anticipate kidney failure being something we have to worry about.” But that is the first time a doctor has made any mention of Lyra’s life in the distant future. Heck, no one has even mentioned what we might need to prepare ourselves for once Lyra hits puberty. Mark and I don’t even think that far into the future. I guess it’s a really different way to keep us living in the present. The furthest out we plan anything is a year, all plane tickets are purchased with travel insurance, and we have learned the hard way to pay extra for guaranteed refunds on hotels.

So I guess this is why all of her birthday’s are a big deal. We don’t take any of them for granted and we are grateful for each one we celebrate with her. Every year, for about a month leading up to her birthday, I become very contemplative. I think about how far we have come, and how each of her birthdays has been marked. I think about all the milestones we have achieved. I think about all of the moments joy we’ve had with her. And it makes me that much more thankful. For us (and I include my extended family in this), it’s not about the graduations or high scores. It’s about the moments on the couch when Lyra rests her head on your shoulder. It’s about hearing her laugh when you stub your toe. It’s about watching her eat dinner at the family table, and out eating some of her cousins.

So here’s to another year with Lyra, who turns 8 years old in less than a month. You’ve come so far.

This year, for Lyra’s birthday, we are raising funds to buy her classroom a light table (hopefully 2 light tables). These tables help kids like her better engage with their learning material. If you would like to contribute, here is a link her Amazon Gift List. Simply click on the dog to add to the gift card we will use to purchase the table.

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