Learning to Thrive

Learning to Thrive


On May 11th my husband and I welcomed a full term baby girl into the world. While everyone says that being a first time parent never goes as planned or as expected, no one could have prepared us for the journey we have been on.  Despite being full term, Lyra has failed to thrive, and we are still trying to figure out why. Yesterday she turned one month old. Instead of taking silly pictures with a “1 Month” sticker, I was taking her to the ER and later admitting her to Children’s Hospital for the second time. I still look a picture, but it was a quick shot in her car seat before running out the door. In her short month in this world, she has been in the ER 3 times, taken 2 ambulance rides, been in the NICU twice, and now is in the PICU. This blog is our journey, my way of updating friends/family, and my way of coping. My little one is a fighter. Now, we just have to teach her how to thrive.

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