First Morning Away

First Morning Away

The thing I keep having to remind myself while Lyra is in the hospital is that I can’t take care of her if I don’t take care of myself. So, this morning I am going to my 6 week follow-up after giving birth. It means that I will miss rounds for the first time in the 21 days she has been in Children’s Hospital. My husband is there, but it is incredibly tough for me to not be in the room talking to the doctors. However, I know that it is very important to be checked out by the doctor post labor. I may not always be the best at taking care of myself. I can’t bring myself to stay home and go back to Muay Thai. I don’t have time to go to the gym and make rounds in the morning, and it is normally closed when I get home at night. Once I am in the hospital, I have found it impossible to leave her to go for a run/walk in the are. Plus, it is beyond hot and humid right now. So, the least I can do is go see my doctor.

So, my morning has been surreal.  I am watching last nights episode of So You Think You Can Dance, drinking coffee, and eating breakfast. I feel kind of like I did before I had Lyra, but with this anxiety bubbling just under the surface. Honestly, I am trying to just maintain my cool and not say “screw it” and head out to the hospital. I just keep reminding myself that this is what is best for my baby. Hopefully my husband calls soon with additional information from the doctors.


Blowing my husband a kiss after feeding the baby

3 thoughts on “First Morning Away

  1. Thinking of you today. We may not be religious, but I still am praying for you and your little family. Love to you all.


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