Adjusting to being Home

Adjusting to being Home

So, Lyra is finally home. The sent us home with an NG tube so that we don’t have to worry about her not taking her whole bottle. While she has been making progress with eating, she still can’t seem to take the whole thing by mouth. She also still throws up occasionally.  I bet that the occasional throwing up wouldn’t both most parents, but for my husband and I, it makes both of us panic.  We are both truly traumatized by watching her throw up feed and after feed. Some days, as we fed her, we would silently pray that anything we gave her stayed down. While she now only throws up once every few days, it still makes my heart sink into my stomach.  I can’t help but think, “are we going to have to go back to the hospital? Is she going to be okay? What did I do wrong this time?”.  I just want my baby girl continue to grow. She is over a month old and still fits into newborn clothing. While this may be normal for premies, she was full term. At least when she was weighed before we left the hospital she has finally crossed into the 8lb range. Maybe being home won’t feel so terrifying one day. For now, my husband and I are just doing the best we can to keep our cool.

One thought on “Adjusting to being Home

  1. Congratulations on taking your newborn home 💖
    We brought ours home on NG and that is when feeds picked up, we could practice more often out of the hospital environment and it did her the world of good! It wasn’t long until we got her NGT out 😊
    But, I totally get the panic, if Penelope was sick her blood sugars would drop dangerously low and we had to call an ambulance a few times 😔 I used to hold her upright after a feed for an hour it more sometimes to prevent her being sick. But, it does get better!! And, the sickness all but disappeared when she started on solids!

    Best of luck 🙂
    And what a beautiful name 😘


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