Home Sweet Colorado

Home Sweet Colorado

Sorry it has been so long since my last update, but we moved across the country and life was a little crazy. While we will dearly miss our friends in the DC metro area, it really is the best move for Lyra and our family. We made it here safe and sound. It was a bit of an adventure with a few miss steps along the way.  However, “Team Lyra” has a assembled and everyone is here safely.  Now, I would like to give a special shout out to Team Lyra and discus the line-up (my husband and I have excluded from the list since everyone knows we are on the team):

  • G-Ma: She runs a tight ship and I could not have done this move without her. Not only did she fly out to Maryland multiple times to help us take care of Lyra, she also did a ton of packing, cooking, cleaning, etc. She was my partner on the flight to Colorado. Also, she gave up her “Casita” for 6 weeks. Um, G-Ma of the year? decade? century?
  • G-Pa: My dad also flew out a number of times to help us with Lyra and has been a wonderful sounding board for all things medical. He has a great way of taking some of the very clinical terminology and making it understandable to the rest of us. He may have just had his knee replaces, but he is still a champion Lyra holder! He will be up and running full speed in no time……. (Dad, that does not mean you are allowed to actually run anytime soon!)
  • Uncle Kyle: Oh boy, does Lyra love her Uncle Kyle. She lights up with him! He also took the time to drive my car from Maryland to Colorado for me, so that I could fly Lyra here. Such an amazing big brother. Lyra looks forward to her swimming lessons with him.
  • Aunt Kristi and Uncle Jason: These two live crazy busy lives. Both have high powered jobs with long hours, they have four kids, and they STILL let us move into their house for 6 weeks. Not to mention they helped us find a house to rent and some great furniture we will need. Kristi even went with me to urgent care late at night and spent 2 hours slowly giving Lyra fluids while I caught up on some sleep (Lyra was okay, she just had a little stomach virus). Oh, and they obviously love my daughter and are happy to help hold her, even when she is being a little fussy.
  • Nico: He is a 15 year old boy who is totally interested in his infant cousin. Um, where did he come from? He is great playing with her and his so interested to learn about what is going on with her. I am sure he will teach her all sorts of bad habits down the road.  Isn’t that what big cousins are for?
  • Sofia: Three words, “Mommy’s little helper”. Sofia has helped me a ton since we have been here. She is amazing with Lyra and Lyra basically thinks Sofia is amazing. Some days, Sofia is the only one who can get Lyra to fall asleep for a nap.
  • Sarah and Emma: While Sarah and Emma may seem a little young, they do something that is amazing for my little girl. They play with her. They make faces, call her name, and spend time on the floor with her. The girls may look at it as just silly play time, but mommy sees it as cognitive development. Love these little girls.

While there are many qualities that I have left out for each of these individuals (I could write a book about some of them). You get the idea. Lyra is surrounded with a tremendous amount of support here (and so are Mark and I). All of our lives will be richer and better just having them so close….. A picture of the team will be posted soon.




Urgent Care Trip! Welcome to Colorado!


New Toy!


Not amused Mom!!!

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