General Update

General Update

Today’s posting doesn’t have much of a theme beyond giving a short update on little Ms. Lyra. Last week we saw cardiology, ENT, OT and the nurse stopped by. Cardiology just did an EKG this time and the results were good. It was funny watching her get hooked up. There were 14ish sensors on her little body (see picture below), and she smiled the whole time. She won’t need to go back until she is 6-9 months old. ENT said that she looks and sounds great (they are the ones who performed her surgery). She doesn’t need to be followed up by ENT at all, unless something new develops. GO LYRA! Also, we were weighed again at the end of the week…… 10 lbs. 13 oz!!!!!!!!!! It is a huge milestone for our little one. She gained 14 oz in about a week. Last week was a very good week for Ms. Thing.


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